Rise Above

Need a lift after this year?

Come boost your faith, grow your confidence, elevate your health, and discover a practical plan for your own future to rise above
in these continued uncertain times.

Join us for a fun and engaging virtual mini-retreat

Co - Hosted by
Dr. Kris Sargent, Catherine Gates, and Julie Landi

November 21, 2020

We start at:
9:00am PST / 11:00am CST / 12:00pm EST

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I cannot believe I am having my best year ever in business in 2020! I'm so grateful to God for helping me manage so much change with faith and clarity when so many others around me were overwhelmed.

Meet Your Guides

Dr. Kris Sargent
Founder of Restor Healing and Spark Faith Health & Life Coach

Catherine Gates
Senior Director of Content & Partnerships for Workmatters

Julie Landi
COO of The Performance Group & Founder of Live Your Vision

God gave me the real take away from today:

Nothing, which I was banking on, can do or be what I can do or be for others.

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What is Rise Above?

We have all experienced disruptions, unexpected distractions, and loss of many kinds in 2020. Many people feel like their whole year got hacked and they just want it to be over.

Even though our lives and businesses have been turned upside down, there are gifts hidden in the midst of the chaos. But you won’t see it if you wish it away. And you could miss out on the "new" that is possible. Maybe even necessary.

In this 90 minute workshop, we want to help you reframe 2020 and find new health, new confidence, and new vision that will propel you to rise above the noise and distraction to finish 2020 well and head into a strong 2021.

Your success and joy don’t have to be dependent on the circumstances - it’s all about how you respond. You just may be pleasantly surprised by how you now see 2020 and beyond. (Isaiah 43:19)

Meet Your Speakers

Dr. Kris Sargent, Spark Faith Health & Life Coach

Hi! I’m Dr. Kris Sargent. I opened my Functional Medicine clinic, over 28 years ago, to SPARK health transformation at the soul level. I want you to know, you REALLY CAN do ANYTHING with the right tools and mindset. Healing your body is no different.

My passion is coaching women, leading with faith first, to create a new healthy lifestyle, mindset, and body.  These changes will result in healthy thyroid and hormone balance, overcoming adrenal fatigue, clearing up irritable bowel and digestive issues, creating permanent weight loss, and eradicating pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Once your health is in order, it’s easier to put the rest of your life in order.

This is for you if you are feeling the effects of 2020 as...

  • Fatigue
  • Not enough energy to get through the day
  • lack of Focus and Concentration
  • Immunity issues
  • Brain Fog
  • Digestive Disorders - IBS
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Poor Sleep
  • Stress

You can expect concrete steps to take in terms of...

  • what to eat and drink
  • how to move
  • sleep and manage stress
  • increased energy
  • improved immunity & digestion
  • will be better rested
  • think clearer

Don't forget to grab Dr. Kris's FREE eBook - SPARK Endless Energy - on the next page!

You know what people tell me most often?

"I'm so tired all the time" and "I have no energy"


There are some simple solutions to having more energy. My free ebook answers...

  • What foods zap your energy and what foods create energy, you may be surprised!
  • Does exercise make you tired or create more energy?
  • Does coffee give you energy?
  • Does alcohol help you sleep and feel more rested?

Catherine Gates, Senior Director of Content & Partnerships for Workmatters

Catherine Gates is the author of The Confidence Cornerstone: A Woman’s Guide to Fearless Leadership. She is Senior Director of Content & Partnerships for Workmatters, equipping Christians to close the gap between their faith and work. Catherine writes workplace leadership Bible studies and devotionals. She is on the board of Ladies of Grace, a women’s prison ministry. Her mission is to equip Christian women to become the leaders God created them to be.

This is for you if you feel ...

  • A calling to leadership but struggling with your voice being heard.
  • The tension of trying to be the best employee, wife, mother, friend that leaves you feeling stressed and inadequate.
  • Isolation and uncertainty about what to do in the midst of all you are facing. 

You can expect to leave understanding...

  • What is really in the way and how to overcome the obstacles.
  • How you can be the best you in every role you fill.
  • How to step into your leadership with faith and so your contribution is heard.

You’ll walk away with insights that will transform the way you think about navigating the challenges you face and discover that you have everything you need through faith in Jesus Christ.

Don't forget to grab Catherine's Free Chapter to her book - The Confidence Cornerstone - on the next page!

The Confidence Cornerstone will help you:

  • Understand the real need for more women in leadership.
  • Put a name to the obstacles you have faced.
  • Discover practical, biblical solutions to experience a breakthrough in your leadership.
  • Identify simple steps you can take to create a supportive community.

You’ll be encouraged to find your confidence in being the leader God created you to be and empowered to take steps toward fulfilling your God-given purpose.

Julie Landi, Founder of Live Your Vision

A few years ago, Julie shared she felt hopeless and purposeless, drifting through life after several transitions that left her wondering if the best years of her life had passed.  

She spent years searching for a vision, not just a job, something that would allow her to use her unique strengths to their greatest potential and leave a positive difference in the world and those she loved. From what she learned, she was able to not only help herself find new purpose, success, and impact, but crystalized the process that took years to learn and placed the elements into her signature program called, Live Your Vision which has changed women’s lives for the past 5 years.

Julie loves to help women get a new view of who they were created to be and the value they bring. And isn't that more important than ever right now?

This is for you if you are...

  • Feeling confused, hopeless or even depressed about your own future
  • Certain there must be more but just can't seem to see it
  • Struggling to understand how to use what you have been given effectively
  • Unclear about own self worth
  • Tempted to be resentful at others living full lives
  • Feel you are missing out and time is ticking for you to make your difference

You can expect to leave...

  • With a genuine appreciation and excitement about what's happening now and how you can capitalize on it to enhance what is ahead
  • Empowered with a structured, step by step plan to design the life YOU love
  • Clear on how you can practically use your own unique gifts to create a great next chapter
  • Connected now to a group of amazing women rising in spite of circumstances and you will always go farther together
  • Confident about who you are and how to use what you have been given (even the hard things) for maximum impact and even income

Don't forget to grab Julie's Free Personal Guidebook - How to Thrive in Uncertain Times - on the next page!

This Guidebook is one of the main strategies personally developed by Julie Landi that has helped her to not only manage uncertainty but thrive in it.

You'll learn:

  • What is Confidence?
  • Cultural Traps - why are you stumbling?
  • Your own Identity - Do you even know you?
  • The Power of Strengths Based Living
  • And much more!

"I hope you find this to be of great value and I will be praying for you. Thank you for your fight. The world needs what you have." - Julie

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